Welcome to Encore Teppan!

We are a fun, cozy, and upbeat casual Japanese teppanyaki restaurant where exciting theatrical spatula shows are performed and delicious creative dishes are prepared in front of you on our special teppan (flat iron) grill by chefs who are passionate about food and hospitality. From beautifully presented sushi/sashimi dishes, to juicy tender steaks and sweet fresh seafoods, our menu has a favorite item for everyone!

At Encore Teppan, we love to be the pioneer! We have customized the largest integrated teppan grill table in the United States today, offering a brand-new, one-and-only model that sets us apart from any other teppan grill restaurants in the country. Our largest teppan table can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people, so all of your family, friends, and loved ones can sit together, enjoying fresh quality food in a cozy, intimate and festive environment unlike any other.

Inspired by the thriving global food cultures that we have access to here in the Southern California, Encore Teppan incorporates the simplicity and beauty of Japanese cooking ethics with innovative yet sophisticated flavor profiles to bring you an delicious and unprecedented palate experience!

We strive to nurture our brand as a festive, casual concept. We are planning to open many more stores across the nation with an aim to bring our passion in the artistry of food and hospitality to more people, neighborhoods and communities.

Encore Teppan team is passionate about hospitality and delicious eats. The smiles of our guests are what drives us everyday to exceed expectations and deliver an excellent dining experience. It is our ultimate commitment to provide you an experience so wonderful that every time you leave one of our establishments, you can't help but feel "ENCORE!" and want to come right back for more!